Hot Beverages

Ryan Brothers Locally Roasted Whole Bean Coffee
$28.00 per gallon

Ryan Brothers Locally Roasted Whole Bean Decaffeinated Coffee
$28.00 per gallon

Assorted Hot Tea Selection
$28.00 per gallon

Warm Spiced Apple Cider
$32.00 per gallon

Hot Chocolate
Hot Water served with Cocoa Packets
$32.00 per gallon

Cold Beverages

Mineral Water
$3.50 each

Bottled Water
$3.50 each

Assorted Soft Drinks
$3.50 each

Assorted Juices Orange, Apple, Cranberry, V-8 & Grapefruit
$16.00 per liter

Infused Water Station Cucumber Mint, Strawberry Basil, Orange Basil, Strawberry Mint, Berries & Lemon Lime
$22.00 per gallon

Iced Tea
$32.00 per gallon

$32.00 per gallon

Arnold Palmer
$32.00 per gallon

Strawberry Mint Lemonade
$38.50 per gallon

Celebration Punch Non-Alcoholic, Pineapple, Orange Juice, Sierra Mist
$49.00 per gallon


All prices subject to change based upon availability.
20% service charge and state tax applied to all food and beverages.
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